Finding Home

by Jessica Sims

John Oscar Chambless, sixteen, never dreamed that a typical evening’s walk home would lead him to become a murderer forcing him to leave his home in Monroe County, Georgia. With the Ku Klux Klan hunting him down, he hopped a train and took up with a jungle buzzard, a hobo, far away from his family that he knew he would never see again. His journey to escape his deathtrap led him from one city to another, never returning home. It wasn’t long until he met a woman of his dreams and married only to be tormented by what he left behind. Life was never easy as he circumvented horrific situations until the day he died, leaving his family with unanswered questions. Who was John Chambless, and what kind of man did he become? Generations later, his family discovered the answers. This novel is a story of hope, strength, and one family’s journey to find home.

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