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KneeDeep... KneeDeep... And the Next Jane Austen's Dragons book just came out.

For those of you who have been paying attention... I haven't written a blog post in a week. I was trying to do a 30 day blog challenge and I... chose to stop, or at least postpone. I was kneedeep (in the hooplah?)... The amount of books I have on the docket to produce has piled up, its springtime & last Saturday I worked myself stiff tilling & general yard work. So last Saturday I made a conscious choice to back off on the blogging so I can get ahead on the recording, which at this point is what's paying the bills. And I think it's paying off. The one book that I've been WAY behind on, I managed to wrap up last night & now I think I'm right on schedule with everyone else.

Last night I finished recording Gather the Children by Mari Collier - I'll finish with the initial editing today. Then next on the docket:

Mentoring Warriors by David Riffel - (about half recorded)

Call to Purpose by Ken Brown

Dark by Paul Arvidson

King's Warrior by Jenelle Schmidt

The Dragons of Kellynch by Maria Grace

& Flight of the 500 by C.D. Tavenor.

And speaking of Dragons!

If you haven't already checked out this series - this is a GREAT one to start with. It comes before the first three, but does not disappoint as so many prequels do.

If you've already checked out the others, you're bound to like this one too.

More info on what's up & coming with the Jane Austen's Dragons series can always be found on my site here:

And I am planning on doing another 30 day blog challenge in the future. I made it more than halfway at least. I'll still be doing at least a blog post a week from here on out though, and hopefully the length & quality will show.

In the meantime... Happy Listening!

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