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Check in here to see upcoming audiobooks from Benny Fife Audio - More details will be added as we go.  Thanks for your support!

Their Greatest Game (Chronicles of Theren V. II)
by C.D. Tavenor  eta... March 31, 2020
Walls of Glass
by J.W. Elliot  eta... April 20, 2020
Gather the Children
by Mari Collier   eta... April 30, 2020
The Fringe Candidate
by Bradford Swift   eta... April 30,  2020
A Proper Introduction to Dragons (book 4, Jane Austen's Dragons)
by Maria Grace   eta... May 15, 2020
The 'Plenty' Book
by Steve Watkins   eta... May 15, 2020
Call to Purpose
By ken Brown eta... May 31, 2020
by Paul Arvidson eta... May 31, 2020
King's Warrior
by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt   eta... June 20, 2020
Mentoring Warriors
by David E Riffel eta... June 15, 2020
Flight of the 500
by C.D. Tavenor   eta... June 15, 2020
The Dragons of Kellynch (book 5, Jane Austen's Dragons)
by Maria Grace   eta... June 30, 2020
Monsters Like Me
by J. Robin DeFord  eta... ???
Second Son
by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Dragon Persuasion (book 6, Jane Austen's Dragons)
by Maria Grace
by Paul Arvidson
Yorien's Hand
by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
by Paul Arvidson
Minstrel's Call
by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

My Pipeline is always full, partially because I love so many genres - the main genres I've been focusing on are Inspirational, Sci-fi, Political, Children's (& YA), Romance (Clean), nonfiction, and Fantasy. In my up & coming list, I try to indicate what genres they fall under for you by sticking the logo for each beside the titles.  As I focus a little more each week on Marketing, I'll also include links to  authors websites & blogposts related to the production process.  If you LOVE the logos, like I do, my daughter designed them & is available for your artistic needs should you be interested. Email me & I'll put you in touch. 

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