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I’m Benny. 

What does it mean to be a Versatile, Resonant Storyteller? 


This is me  

Narrator Benjamin Fife - Certified Weirdo

Storyteller  -  My job can be described as simply “reader” or “voice actor,” but for me it's Storytelling. Be it nonfiction self-help or epic fantasy, there’s an element of Storytelling to it. After years of reading to my kids every night, I realized Storyteller was my true calling. I come from generations of Storytellers: it’s in my blood. As I get behind the mic, I'm stepping into my father’s shoes and his mother’s before that. 

Resonant – This means a couple of things, and both are vital in narration. First is the musical and sonorous characteristics of my voice (heck - I’ve sung in probably a fifth of my books). Second and most important is the idea that a story needs to resonate with the narrator and listener – becoming a 3-way partnership between author, narrator and the imagination of the listener. 


Versatile – From my ability to pick up all kinds of different accents, to the genres I’ve narrated, to my diversity of character ages, gender, race, species and size (ranging from a freshly hatched tiny sassy female fairy dragon, to an ancient immortal demon overlord), my versatility speaks for itself. 

Yes, I am part dragon...

​Listen for yourself. Close your eyes and see where our imaginations take us together.


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