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“Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.” – Louis L’Amour

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Listener Reviews


​“[Benny Fife] has a range of accents and an amazing ability to give voice to each character so distinctly that I knew which character was talking immediately. Entertaining, enjoyable, worth the listen.”

–       Mindy S – First of their Kind

 “Benjamin Fife . . . is wonderfully talented. His voices for the characters are very well done and as described by the author. He has the beautiful English accent and similar handsome tones of Colin Firth so I could happily listen to him all day and night.”

–       Sherise Mitchell, Pemberly

“This is the sixth book I have listened to by this narrator (Benjamin Fife) and I would definitely listen to another. He does a great job giving life to all these characters. He does the kid’s and adult’s (male and female) voices with appropriate expression. His style let me forget I was being read a story.

–       Margaret, Walls of Glass

“Normally, I’d save my comments regarding the narration till the end of my review but I have to bring it up now. Mr. Fife is purely amazing with the widest range of vocalizations I’ve heard in a long time and he truly breathes life into a story that’s already wonderful. His dragons are especially well done; when I first heard his interpretation of the tiny April, I was so taken with it—and her—that I had to pull off the side of the road and listen again without the distraction of driving. That wasn’t an anomaly as I soon discovered when other dragons spoke, each in a very distinctive voice. Even if I didn’t love this story, I would still have to listen to Mr. Fife’s rendition.”

–       Lelia T, Pemberly

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Author Endorsements

Jenelle Leanne Schmidt, Author of King’s Warrior and The Minstrel’s Song Series:

“My narrator, Benjamin Fife, has been the absolute best person to work with on this project. He reads so well, and does ALL the voices, and OH. MY. SWEET. PUMPERNICKLE. DREAMS… he does the BEST DRAGON VOICES EVER!!!! I can’t wait for you to hear it. Seriously. But more than that, he’s been fabulously enthusiastic about this project. I’m completely spoiled now, I have to admit, because I don’t think I can ever work with another narrator who isn’t equally excited about my stories as he is.”


Maria Grace, Author Jane Austen’s Dragons Series:

“Ben is my favorite narrator to work with. He goes above and beyond with a technical expertise in mixing sound that is unique among all the narrators I have partnered with. He has narrated my most successful series, a very difficult fantasy world with a mix of human and fantasy creature characters that poses unique challenges for a narrator. He has truly become the voice of the series. Neither I nor my readers can imagine anyone else narrating these complex and diverse characters. I highly recommend his work!”

Cameron C. Taylor, Author of 8 Attributes of Great Achievers and The Way of Aloha:

“Benjamin Fife has narrated five books for me. The fact that I keep using him to narrate my books should say it all. He is great to work with, but what really matters is what the listeners think. The feedback and reviews from listeners has been very, very positive.”


Brad Swift, Author of The Fringe Candidate and The Zak Bates Eco-Adventure Series:

“I have found a gem of a professional audiobook narrator in Ben Fife. We’ve worked on a couple of different projects together and he’s always been able to meet and exceed my expectations. His work style is professional yet user-friendly and approachable, and his range of voices is truly amazing. I have recommended him to my colleagues and will continue to do so. My only fear is that he will become so popular that I’ll have to wait in a long line to work with him in the future.”

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