“Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.” – Louis L’Amour

Meet Benny Fife

Benjamin Fife has always had a passion for learning. With a mind that remembers all sorts of numbers and useless trivia, he regularly wins local radio shows and enjoys confusing people with sci-fi quotes. 

Fife grew up in Southeast Idaho. He attended college at Idaho State University, where he met his future wife in their music theory class. They have been married nearly 20 years and now have six children and a whole menagerie of animals. When their oldest daughter was three or four years old they started reading aloud from novels every night at bedtime, and have continued the tradition ever since. The family loves exploring various worlds and topics through Fife’s wonderful reading skills, which get better every year. They all have his Christmas Carol voices memorized (and the older kids are known to quote along with portions), since he has read it to them every December. 

Benjamin enjoys all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy - both books and shows, is an extreme eclectic music lover, and prefers his chocolate to be of the 90% cocoa variety. Above all, he loves to be with his family. He loves recording audio books, and is delighted to tell people, “I’ve finally found what I want to be when I grow up!”

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5-Star Reviews

"Benjamin Fife is back as narrator and adds another welcome addition to the cast. He does a great job embodying very different voices and making them authentic. In my last review I failed to mention he sings in both this and The Way of Aloha: Lanai. Each time he gives a stirring performance without sacrificing the ability to understand we what is being said." - James Marsh about The Way of Aloha: Moloka'i

"This is a delightful book with lots of laugh-out-loud moments! I could listen to Benny Fife all day." - Pianomom about Father of the Bride of Frankenstein

"The reader is given a thoughtful and thought-provoking story, most of which can be related to events happening today. . .The narration by Benjamin Fife is equally good. His ability to create distinct character voices enhance the story Tavenor is telling. I liked his interpretation of Theren. It kept me listening. I highly recommend this audiobook." - Leah Brock about First of Their Kind

"Absolutely Brilliant In Every Way!

I unbelievably adored this book! I'm a sucker for anything Jane Austen, and especially retelling and with fantasy elements like Dragons thrown in? It was the perfect combination. Maria Grace did an absolutely brilliant job with this idea and this story and adding such fun to it, and picking Benjamin Fife as the Narrator was astounding. I especially loved his voice as April, who quickly stuck out as my favorite, (which is hard considering Elizabeth Bennet has been one of my top favorite book characters of all time). I cannot wait to get started on the second book of this series and to keep this going. Anyone who loves Fantasy, or Dragons, or Even Jane Austen should give this a listen!" - Merricat Alexander about Jane Austen's Dragons: Pemberley

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