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Benny Fife narrated Books

by Author 


William Allen

Confessions of a Sensitive Man:  An Unconventional Defense of Sensitive Men


T. K. Arispe

On Borrowed Wings

Thunder Girl

Paul Arvidson


Ken Brown
Call to Purpose

J.W. Elliot

Walls Of Glass

Maria Grace

Jane Austen's Dragons

John Hood

The Folklore Cycle

Janelle Leanne Schmidt

The Minstrel's Song

Brad Swift

The Fringe Candidate


Zak Bates Eco Adventure Series

C. D. Tavenor

Secrets of Endari

The Chronicles of Theren

Cameron C. Taylor

The Way of Aloha

8 Attributes of Great Achievers, Vol. 2

Preserve, Protect & Defend

Perfect in Christ (with Mitchell Taylor)

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