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Paul Arvidson




Mari Collier
Earthbound: Science Fiction in the Old West
Gather the Children (Chronicles of the Maca Book 2

Robert Dodge

Tempest-Tost: The Refugee Experience Through One Community's Prism

J.W. Elliot

Walls Of Glass

Maria Grace

Pemberley: Mr. Darcy's Dragon

Longbourn: Dragon Entail

Netherfield: Rogue Dragon

A Proper Introduction to Dragons

The Dragons of Kellynch

Kellynch: Dragon Persuasion

Ivan Harmon

Enhance Memory

Daniel M Kimmel

Father of the Bride of Frankenstein

Holly K. Szurpicki

Caycee's Cave: An Irish Tale

Shorty Bean and the Enchanted Coins

Shorty Bean and the Coin of Fire

Janelle Leanne Schmidt

Kings Warrior

Second Son

Yorien's Hand

Minstrel's Call

C. D. Tavenor

First of Their Kind

Their Greatest Game

Flight of the 500

Cameron C. Taylor

The Way of Aloha: Lana'i

The Way of Aloha: Moloka'i

8 Attributes of Great Achievers, Vol. 2

Preserve, Protect & Defend

Steve Watkins

The 'Plenty' Book

Adidas Wilson

Email Marketing

James Wymore

All Made of Hinges