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An abandoned colony, a mysterious quest, strange heroes and a world like no other.

by Paul Arvidson

IN THE STRANGE labyrinth of pipes on the planet called Dark, things are falling apart. Dun doesn’t want to be a hero, he just wants to find an answer to the terrifying dreams he’s been having. But the answers, the real answers, are going to take him places he’s never imagined and tear him from the only home he’s ever known.

With a half finished map from his missing father, an old friend, a new friend and the mysterious Myrch to guide him, he journeys through parts of his world he’s never imagined. Are his dreams real foretellings? Who can he trust to be who they say there are? What are the strange forces that seem to be literally pulling their world apart?

As he travels through a world that is much bigger than he thought it was, what he won’t know will kill him. And everyone he knows.

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Can Dun help stop a War? The problem is, he started it.

Dun didn’t want to be a hero and the war has cost him dearly: his friends, his innocence. Maybe his mind.

Now he’s a fully-fledged Shaman, Dun’s mind is a receiver for those who can transmit, but what will he do when starts getting messages from someone who’s dead.

Dun’s new powers might allow his Underfolk, victory. But he must quiet the demons inside his head, and find his oldest friends Tali and Padg if they stand a chance of defeating the merciless Rowle of the Cat-People. And she is about to release demons of her own. 

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On a Dark planet, far from Earth is a village. Even a planet with no light has a shady hole in to which all things fall. Lakeside is it.

Teller Mas, the scent detective, calls it home. But now, bodies are piling up. Every person Teller gets close to winds up dead.

He needs to crack the case of his life before his own time runs out. 

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