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The Way of Aloha 

by Cameron C. Taylor

The Way of Aloha: Lanai


Publisher's Summary

Best-selling author Cameron C. Taylor masterfully weaves ancient Hawaiian history and culture into an inspiring and engaging story set on the beautiful island of Lanai. You will be transported to a tropical paradise for an adventure of a lifetime. As you visit sacred locations throughout the island, you will be taught by a Hawaiian kahuna the principles for joyful living. You will see why Hawaii is consistently ranked as the least stressed and happiest place in the world. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Hawaiian kahuna unfolds powerful insights into the Gospel of Jesus Christ as he illuminates a more excellent way - the way of Aloha, the way of Zion.

©2017 Cameron C Taylor (P)2018 Cameron C Taylor


The Way of Aloha: Moloka'i

Publisher's Summary

After two decades of separation, Manu and Elder Taylor are reunited on the beautiful island of Moloka‘i. As you visit the sacred places of Hālawa Valley, Kapuaiwa Royal Coconut Grove, and Kamakou rain forest, you’ll learn truths about Aloha, slowing down, guardian angels, simplicity, and connecting with your creator. At locations throughout the leper colony of Kalaupapa, you’ll be taught how to minister like the lord Jesus Christ. This book will transport you to a tropical paradise to be touched by the light and love that radiates from the people and places of Moloka‘i.

©2019 Cameron C. Taylor (P)2019 Cameron C. Taylor


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The Way of Aloha: Lana'iBenjamin Fife
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The Way of Aloha: Moloka'iBenjamin Fife
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