Jane Austen's Dragons Book 1 by Maria GraceBen Fife
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Jane Austen's Dragons Book 2 by Maria GraceBenny Fife
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If you missed the audiobook tour we did for this series at the beginning of february, make sure you click here & get some of the best inside material on the making of Jane Austen's dragons - Extensive interviews from Maria Grace and Me.  My very favorite was from JorielovesAStory.com.

Jane Austen's Dragons Audiobook Tour
Netherfield Chapter 2 sampleBenny Fife
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Proper Introduction to Dragons Retail saBenny Fife
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And Coming SOON to Audio - The next phase of Maria's Brilliant Jane Austen's Dragons series - This time based on Persuasion!

The Dragons of Kellynch (Book 5) and
Dragon Persuasion (book 6)

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