Jane Austen's Dragons  by Maria Grace

This delightful Pride and Prejudice variation is sure to bring smiles - and grimaces - at all the right places.  

I have loved Jane Austen since I was first introduced to the BBC 6-hour production nearly 20 years ago.  It gives me unspeakable pleasure in now being able to provide a voice to Mr.'s Bennet, Darcy, Bingley & Collins, as well as Jane & Lizzy.  And probably even more delight to be able to voice the grumpy old Longbourn.  Who doesn't want to voice a cantankerous Wyvern?  But to be able to voice Longbourn, AND Lizzy, AND Darcy in the same scene? 


Even Austen purists will be hard pressed to put down Jane Austen's Dragons if they give it a fair shot.

Though a warning - It takes the 3 initial books to cover the same time period covered in Austen's original.  That's what happens when you insert an additional plot.

Pemberly and Longbourn Netherfield are available for purchase on Audible & iTunes. Books 4  (A Proper Introduction to Dragons) & 5 (Starting a NEW PLOT - The Dragons of Kellynch) will be available later this spring & Summer!

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Jane Austen's Dragons Book 1 by Maria GraceBen Fife
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Jane Austen's Dragons Book 2 by Maria GraceBenny Fife
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If you missed the audiobook tour we did for this series at the beginning of february, make sure you click here & get some of the best inside material on the making of Jane Austen's dragons - Extensive interviews from Maria Grace and Me.  My very favorite was from JorielovesAStory.com.

Jane Austen's Dragons Audiobook Tour
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And Coming SOON to Audio - The next phase of Maria's Brilliant Jane Austen's Dragons series - This time based on Persuasion!

The Dragons of Kellynch (Book 5) and
Dragon Persuasion (book 6)

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