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8 Attributes of Great Achievers, Vol. 2 

by Cameron C. Taylor

Publisher's Summary

This audiobook is filled with inspiring stories from the lives of great achievers past and present. You will learn: 


  • How to act with courage as did Irena Sendler as she saved thousands of children during World War II. 

  • The six love languages of business and life. 

  • How to apply in your life the formula legendary coach John Wooden used to create 10 national championship teams in 12 years. 

  • The dangers of vain optimism. 

  • How Neef Grigg invented the tater tot and built a frozen-food empire. 

  • Lessons learned from Roger Bannister as he became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. 

  • How to be filled with the joy of gratitude. 

  • The eight motives of a humble leader. 

  • Inspiring stories of servant leadership from the life of George Washington. 

  • The power of innovation and the inspiring story of Philo T. Farnsworth and the invention of the television. 

  • How to find and fulfill your life mission.

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