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The Minstrel's Song


Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

When I saw King's Warrior by Jenelle Schmidt up for audition, I read the initial description and knew I wanted to do it.  Then I read the script and I wanted to even more.  Then I looked up her website & learned where King's Warrior got its start.  I knew I had to narrate this book & series.  Jenelle was raised by a dad who read to her family every night & eventually challenged her to write a book one summer.  I loved it.  This was in part the initial germination of The Minstrel's Call series.  

As a dad who reads to my family every night, I hope my own kids will one day tap into the amazing and inspiring creative energy that Jenelle has for this brilliant series. 

If you like Lloyd Alexander, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Susan Cooper, or George MacDonald, You will love this series.  As a narrator, in the production process, I wind up reading a book no less than 3 times in a relatively short period of time.  Some would think this would make me sick of the material.  With King's Warrior, It made me know that I wanted to read it aloud to my own family.  And sometime in the next month or so, you ca have me read it to yours.  I hope you love it as much as we do. 

King's Warrior Retail Sample - Coming SOONBen Fife
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The hope of their world rests on the steel at his side...

Threat of invasion looms. Oraeyn dreams of glory on the battlefield. Instead, he must engage in a battle of wills with a headstrong princess while ushering her to safety (and boredom) in a small village. But they must put aside their differences to save their homeland and complete the second part of their mission: seek out the legendary King’s Warrior to persuade him to take up arms once more.

When their journey leads them to the lost realm of the dragons they get more adventure than either of them bargained for!

Read my review here.

I have loved working with Jenelle on this project. The feeling has been mutual, appararently.  From her blog:


This has been such a pleasant experience, that I’m also excited to inform you that the rest of the series will soon follow! My narrator, Benjamin Fife, has been the absolute best person to work with on this project. He reads so well, and does ALL the voices, and OH. MY. SWEET. PUMPERNICKLE. DREAMS… he does the BEST DRAGON VOICES EVER!!!! I can’t wait for you to hear it. Seriously. But more than that, he’s been fabulously enthusiastic about this project. I’m completely spoiled now, I have to admit, because I don’t think I can ever work with another narrator who isn’t equally excited about my stories as he is.

Second Son

In an attempt to manipulate the future, a family and a nation are forced to decide between two brothers. Guided by a prophecy spoken hundreds of years before, the King and Queen of Llycaelon have set their course. Their goal: to fulfill the prophecy and save their nation from a dire fate. Rhoyan has always understood and accepted his own role as second born and perpetual prince. He looks forward to the day when he will be a warrior in his older brother’s guard. When Rhoyan is sent on a quest filled with unimaginable danger, nobody anticipates the greater repercussions. As Rhoyan journeys far across the seas on his appointed trial, he will battle creatures of legend, suffer shipwreck, endure captivity, and lay claim to a fallen star. When tragedy strikes, Rhoyan must struggle to return home believing his quest has failed. However, the home he left no longer awaits him and the true test of his strength and character has only just begun.

Second Son PreviewBenny Fife
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Yorien's Hand

Yorien's Hand Retail SampleBenny Fife
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The years of the new King of Aom-Igh's short rule have been peaceful, but now ominous nightmares plague his sleep and cling to him during his waking hours. When two of his most trusted advisors disappear without a trace and not even the power of dragons can locate them, the fell promise of the king’s nightmares becomes reality. From the furthest reaches of the world, an ancient enemy stirs. Stretching beyond his crumbling prison walls, this foe seeks to bring life to the darkest of shadows. His army marches towards Aom-igh with deadly intent, threatening all the King holds dear. Aided by dragons, and with a seasoned warrior and an emerging Princess Warrior at his side, the King must journey into the wilds of a forgotten realm. Trusting in the wisdom and skill of the enigmatic minstrel, Kiernan Kane, the companions race against time in search of Yorien’s Hand, a relic that may hold the power to save them all.

Minstrel's Call

War threatens. The game board is set. But the Minstrel is missing...Advancing his growing power, the Dread Prince breaks free of his prison and brings a faction of dragons under his control, stirring unrest and hatred in the newly united kingdoms of Tellurae Aquaous.When the dragon wards of Kallayohm are targeted in a ruthless attack, the High King travels there to administer justice. But the trial results in a crippling blow that leaves him reeling.On the heels of defeat, an unexpected message from the erstwhile Minstrel arrives, pleading with his friends for rescue. Together, the High King and his companions must follow the fragile trail, braving peril and darkness that will test the measure of them all...

MC Retail SampleBenny Fife
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