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Call to Purpose
Our Journey From Celestial Beings to Human Beings and Back Again
by Ken W. Brown

When humans became human beings, they never suspected evil existed. Then its web of lies closed, and their murder began.

Yawri is an adventurous being who travels the universe discovering new realities. He comes to Earth, exalts in its glorious creation, and joins with its ever-expanding life. Shahten finds Earth, too…but he comes for something else.

Believing in his righteous Way, Shahten skillfully mixes lies with truth and sets an insidious plan in motion.

Both Shahten and Yawri want humans and beings to join together as human beings, but for very different reasons. Now, with the battle of ages at its peak, the fate of Earth, the solar system, and beyond depends on the choices made by human beings struggling to remember who they are.

The novel takes listeners into the minds of Yawri and other celestial beings who have no knowledge of evil or even the possibility of deceit. Vivid storytelling conveys the challenges they face to stop something they can’t comprehend. Choosing courage over fear, they must learn how to stop murder without becoming heartless murderers themselves. All the while, Shahten’s prophecy drones, “You will all join me in the end.”

Ancient human beings must find a way to connect with their modern selves, so the wisdom of past and present can be remembered. While under attack, the ancients search across time and space and find the intersection where this connection is possible, but Shahten finds it, too.

In a desperate gambit, ancient selves commit everything they have to send the original purpose of human beings forward in time. While their future selves struggle to remember who they are, Shahten uses every lie in his arsenal to sever human from being once and for all.

©2019 Ken W. Brown (P)2020 Ken W. Brown

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