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Enhance Memory: Find Out How Memory Functions, Switch On Your Brain and Have Better Memory 

by Ivan Harmon

Publisher's Summary

ENHANCE MEMORY: Find Out How Memory Functions, Switch On Your Brain and Have Better Memory - a two-book bundle by Ivan Harmon.

Your brain should be helping you succeed. But why can’t you get it to function at full capacity? 

Do you feel like you could perform way better in school, at work, or in your personal life if only you weren’t held back by your tendency to forget? Does poor concentration come in the way of your learning new things? Does your professional or personal life seem like an endless list of problems that you can’t solve?

This jam-packed bundle addresses your concerns without fluff and without the usual shortcuts. 

In this modern, data-heavy, fast-paced world, people across age groups and backgrounds are expected to absorb a constant stream of information. They are also expected to tackle a variety of complex problems. But when you find yourself struggling to focus and remember all that you have to, it isn’t your mind that is at fault. More often than not, inadequate mental functioning stems from a misplaced understanding of the mind itself. These two books by Ivan Harmon seek to address the root of the problem.

In Boost Your Brain Power: Learn Better, Smarter, and Faster - Scientifically Proven Guides to Sharpen Your Focus and Retrain Your Brain, you will embark on a journey through the mind to illuminate its unique abilities and tendencies. In the process discover:

  • Factors that improve or impede your memory

  • Common barriers to concentration and focus

  • Ways in which you can focus better and creatively solve problems

  • Real-life instances of renowned intellectuals who overcame their mental struggles

©2017 Ivan Harmon (P)2018 Ivan Harmon

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