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Brutal... Blood... Bullets... Bodies... My review of Alligator Season

I listened to Jess Trepanier’s narration of Alligator Season by Tyler Hanson recently. I’ve worked with C.D. Tavenor of Two Doctors Media Collaborative in narrating his Theren series, and I was curious to check out some of the other material they’ve published. Alligator Season is apparently a kind of prequel to Hanson’s Redacted Files series. His writing is engaging & the story is fast paced… but I won’t be investigating further into the Redacted Files. Granted, I could have looked a little closer to see that its listed under “Horror Fiction,” but it just wasn’t my thing.

That being said, the quality of the writing was very good. And Jess Trepanier’s narration of it was superb. If she isn’t bi-lingual, she pulls it off very well. Her accents for Hispanic characters was spot on, her overall narration was very personal & pleasant to listen to, the pacing was great, and the production quality was also good.

Alligator season follows Catalina, a monster hunter, as she is called to hunt down basically a giant alligator. There’s also a creepy other monster at the beginning of the book that she dispatches easily. Her backstory sounds interesting, inasmuch as she apparently takes after her father. There are truly only a couple of characters with any depth in the book, and she is one. It’s a fairly quick listen & I’m assuming in the further books, Hanson will delve further into their characters and the apparent conspiracies surrounding them & their abilities. Catalina’s abilities seem to be limited to killing with gun, knife, grenade, etc. The fight scenes were very vivid & engaging. There are a lot of bodies dropped in this little book. And a few “f” bombs.

Bottom line – Would I read/listen to another book by Tyler Hanson? Maybe with a recommendation from someone I know. When I told Would I listen to another book narrated by Jess Trepanier? Certainly. Though I might just check & make sure its not blood & gore.

So... Writing - 4 stars, Narration - 5 Stars, overall... 3 stars.. Sorry I just don't go for gore. If I did, I'd probably rank this 4 or 5 overall too.

I received this book from StoryOrigin in return for a review, but the ideas expressed here are entirely my own.

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