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ReadingMagic - What book do you remember being read to you? The Reading Magic game day 8

My answer for this question goes along with my answer to yesterdays very well too. I think I remember sitting on someone's lap - probably several someones' at at least 2 different homes we lived in, along with also sitting and 'reading' it myself before I had the capacity to read.

I was probably read to my by parents, sisters and brothers, being the youngest of 6. The Joan Walsh Anglund Storybook is another book that my wife and I both experienced as children. Her drawings are reminiscent of Precious Moments dolls. But for me it's the images of my childhood.

What I loved about it as a little boy was being able to understand the story - being able to READ the stories before I could even spell my own name. I understood a little girl hiding after a bad day... being rescued by kittens. Another boy and the story of his pumpkin told only in pictures, all on one page. A mouse and an unwanted decoration becoming the center of his family's Christmas Celebration.

And more than any others, a very special teddy bear with more heart than any other. I remember my mom sewing up my own teddy bear & my insisting we give him a heart like in the book. When I found out my wife had experienced this book just like I had, when the time came to get a teddy bear for our 1st daughter... well, subconscious may have had something to do with it.

I don't remember who read it to me, but its very much a part of me, even though I went nearly 20 years without seeing it. What about you? And... Anyone remember reading this book to me?

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