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The 'Plenty' Book
The Answer to the Question "What Can I Do to Make This a Better World?"
by Steve Watkins

In these troubled times, "The 'Plenty' Book" gives wise guidance and hope to those who want to contribute to making a better society, but don’t know what to do or how to do it. Although we live in a divided world, this memoir prescribes non-partisan steps we can take to restore our personal sense of purpose and create value in our lives.

I auditioned for this book initially because the principle contained in the title strikes a chord with me. I narrate audiobooks in part to make a difference where I can. We live in tumultuous times, and that was before the whole Covid-19 pandemic. I'm drawn to stories, be they fiction or fact, that try to elevate the conversation a little.


This is precisely what Steve Watkins has done with his book, and also on his blog @, which reiterates, or I also imagine, was some of the source material for this book. In The "Plenty" Book, Steve first illustrates what is broken, unjust, or just plain wrong in our (particularly American) society, then presents extensive solutions to heal our society and even our planet. He has worked in socio-political reform as a lawyer for decades & draws on his extensive study into the areas he highlights in this book.


I find many of the solutions he posits particularly compelling. After relating the history of what has brought us to our current crises, he presents solutions that not only he, but many brilliant people have put forth, that unfortunately in the political climate of the last 50 years, are overlooked because of special interests in power & money behind broken systems. Whether or not you or I agree with his solutions, I at least agree that we need to get of our butts collectively and individually to do something about it. He presents more than just the solution to problems, but real ideas for how you and I can get involved. Click here to read more on my blog

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