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Can I Be Frank With You About Narrating this Book?

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

My next project was just approved by the author. I've become more attached to the characters in this book than any I've produced so far. Without giving away an enormous amount of the plot, Frank is re-animated via illegal experiments in a university lab. But that's not really the story. The story is 4 years later, after he's been legally recognized as a self-determining individual and has fallen for a nice Jewish girl. The main character is, as the title suggests, the Father of the Bride.

Working with Dan Kimmel has been delightful on this project, in large part because his writing is so delightful. This isn't some kind of re-telling of Frankenstein, because it's not really Frank's Story. It's Phil's. But by the end of the book, you love Frank and Sam, Phil and Joanne, Rabbi Wheaton and many others. I don't want to steal any of the punch lines, so just listen to it. I promise you'll love it.

Every project I've worked on has been a learning experience in one way or another. With Frank (That's just how I always have referred to this project when I've been talking to my wife or anyone else), one of my favorite moments was when I was at the chiropractor getting my neck adjusted & I was telling his massage therapist about the editing process. I didn't quote Dan verbatim I'm sure, but after he reviewed one chapter that I had done a number of mispronunciations he said something to the effect of, "Well, I can tell you don't drink, and you're not Jewish." That made the therapist's day. And it made my day as well. When I recorded it initially, I kind of shied away from the more guttaral 'ch', like in 'chutzpah.' I didn't want to seem like a caricature, or to be mocking Jewish/Yiddish, or any other culture. But again and again, Dan pointed me in the right direction & I may have gotten a little spittle on my mic in the re-takes. Thanks for your patience, Dan!

I narrate because I love it. I've laughed & smiled so much while working on this book. I hope you experience the same things as you listen to it for yourself.

It's now headed to QC with Audible, and assuming all goes well there, Frank should be available for your listening pleasure around the first(ish) week of May.

And Thanks to Ben Stein for being my personal inspiration for Rabbi Wheaton.

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