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Can SOMEONE PLEASE step up as a Write in Candidate worth electing?

I didn't come up with this exact assessment of out presidential candidates, but it seems to fit them like a glove. We're faced with a choice of a completeley amoral incumbent, challenged by someone unabashedly plucked from the heart of the political machine that is Washington.

Does NO one remember 2016? or any other election in my lifetime? I'd love to see a poll with a percent of people who are actually PLEASED and HAPPY to vote for either candidate. The last time a 3rd party candidate was even remotely fielded was 1992 with H. Ross Perot. I get it. 3rd parties don't seem to work in our current system.

When the absurd pageant that is the presidential election process rolls around every 4 years (though more and more we're being forced to endure 2 freakin' years of campaigning), I ask myself again and again, WHY are we still using this broken system (and don't get me started on the disgusting amount of money already poured into this quarter-annual charade that exceeds the GDP of several small countries). 2016 had the singular outcome of throwing out some of the status quo with the election of Donald Trump, but unfortunately in the ensuing 4 years, the Republican party has decided to rebrand themselves as part of the Trump Franchise. As such, they have lost all credibility. Four years ago, the same republicans who were digging in their heels that the American people should have the ultimate say in who gets to sit on the Supreme court by refusing to confirm a qualified nominee are now anxious to pack the court before Ruth Bader Ginsberg's euology could be given.

The 2 parties in power have rigged the system to keep themselves in power to the exclusion of any other options. After the absurd "debate" the other night, I have no idea how anyone can stomach supporting the current system.

My wife has shared with me several articles from longtime Republicans coming out and saying they cannot in good conscience vote for Trump, but they come to the same conclusion: That in order to defeat Trump, one must support Biden. Again... Does NO one remember 2016? Trump was voted in because of the astounding amount of people who couldn't stomach another Clinton Whitehouse.

Democrats I follow feel the same way about Trump this year! If all we are ever getting out of the primary funnel is the lesser of 2 evils (and if you ask me, they tend to lean in the primary field as possibly the most evil option), the time has come to discard the funnel.

Ancient Democracies and Republics had some very good results with essentially "conscripted" representatives. I would be willing to elect almost anyone outside the political establishment (And Trump is now officially part of said establishment) at this point & have more confidence in their ability and the direction our country is headed. If the Presidency, senators, Representatives, and Court Justices were selected like Jury Duty, I think we'd be in a lot better shape. Have a plumber for President. Or a WOMAN for heaven's sake. If you don't think the system is designed to keep those in power there, that alone should be enough of an indicator. Women received the right to vote 100 years ago. 1 unsuccessful presidential final candidate in a century. 2008 had a blip named Barack Obama. The only successful black presidential candidate ever. 2016 had the first "outsider" since probably Teddy Roosevelt. But again, Trump has now appropriated the Republican party & unfortunately much of the "right."

The day after the Debate, This delightful video was posted:

I jokingly replied that Weird Al should be the Write in candidate. But really, the whole idea that we're stuck with these 2 as the option is so ridiculous. We still have a month until the election. How many Millionaires and Billionaires could EASILY throw their hats in the ring as a write in candidate. Throw some advertising dollars combined with name recognition & buck the whole dang system. Trump already proved that Celebrity status will do it for you, whatever your moral failings or lack of consistency, or civility, etc. etc. So Here's a list:

  • Jeff Bezos

  • Oprah Winfrey

  • Bill Gates

  • Michael Bloomberg

  • Jimmy Kimmel

  • Clint Eastwood

  • Steven Spielberg

  • Angelina Jolie

  • Jerry Seinfeld

  • Viola Davis

  • Beyonce

  • Ron Howard

  • Harrison Ford

  • Warren Buffet

  • Elon Musk

  • Ann Walton Kroenke

  • Bob Dylan for Heaven's sake.

I'm not saying I agree or disagree with any of their personal politics or policies, but hey. Can't be any worse than what's already on tap.

You can look for any of America's top 400 Billionaires Here:

Pick one. I'm sure they couldn't screw up the country any more than it has been for the last 41 that I've been alive & they'd be hard pressed to screw it up more than Donald Trump alone has done. And they've got the money to get our semi-literate attention. If ever there was a chance for a write in candidate to win, 2020 is it. Please step forward. Pretty Please. As it is someone could probably have their name changed to None of the Above and win.


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