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Cows... We're Remarkable Cows... The Pitfalls of Recording Audiobooks in the Country

My nearest neighbors can be REALLY loud and obnoxious. They also taste pretty good. I know. I've eaten at least part of one who didn't behave himself very well. Tonight, I went out a little earlier than normal and began my recording routine. My recording studio is a converted shed that I've soundproofed quite a bit. But these neighbors can be REALLY loud when they want to. Which is part of why I do most of my recording at night or in the morning. But the thing with these neighbors is that you just never know when they're going to decide to throw a party. Or something.

I know there are bound to be much better studios & better location than what I've got, but I've used several locations before building my own studio & so far, they all have come with their own degree of built in noise. And unfortunately, sometimes there's not much you can do. Traffic noises, barking dog, business next door, forced air conditioner running intermittently, furnace noises, running refrigerator, loud rain, wind, cats fighting, tractors rumbling. I've experienced all of them in either my current studio or previous locations.

But sometimes I still just have to complain a little. I can send my dogs in the house if they're barking. If the neighbors dog from half a mile away shows up in my yard and starts barking, there's not much I can do other than try to chase them off & talk to my neighbor about it. The cows... well... I tried persuading them this evening. But they're still at it now, 30 minutes later. It's getting darker & I'm pretty sure they'll be done & asleep soon. But hey. I get to work from home. And part of my job as an audiobook producer is to make sure YOU don't hear the cows. Or the tractors. Or the dogs. My current studio, i'ts really down to just those 3.

I'm glad they taste good.

Click here to hear my delightful recording experience this evening. After I heard the cows interrupting & doing a plethora of retakes, I decided to stop & write a blog post instead. Then I decided you deserved to hear them a little unfiltered, so I recorded a little of them with the door to my studio wide open. The loudest bellower wouldn't cooperate though. Then I took my computer out & recorded just with my laptop mic & you get a little better idea. Still no cooperation from the loudest one. I just heard her bellow again. 15 minutes - they should be asleep I'm guessing... But if not... More retakes. Don't worry. I won't leave cow or tractor or barking dogs in the final recordings. Just thought I'd share with you.

Shut up, cows.

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