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Jane Austen's Dragons Are On Their Way Soon!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

I've finished with the intial edits of Pemberly: Mr. Darcy's Dragon by Maria Grace, the first of her Jane Austen's Dragons series. I have LOVED doing this project. When I finished recording the final chapter, I had to restrain myself from starting on Longbourn: Dragon Entail. I've got other projects to do first!

If you haven't heard of this series of books, here's the quick rundown. Take Pride and Prejudice. Insert an entire culture of dragons and dragon keepers. Not everyone knows there are dragons though. They're very persuasive creatures, so that very large polydactal cat you know for instance? He's probably a Tatzelwurm & you just can't hear dragons. Just enough of their subtle suggestions to convince you he's just a little bit more on the special side than your average kitty. Or the hummingbirds your neigbor makes sure are fed? Maybe your neighbor is a member of the Blue Order & you don't know it. Or maybe the Faery Dragon has your neighbor fooled as well. And that thunderstorm the other night? That was a Major Dragon, throwing a tantrum.

You get all of this & more with Maria Grace's delightful take on Jane Austen's world. But be warned! This first book, only takes you to just after Netherfield Ball. No marriage proposals as of yet even, but it still draws you in.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Maria to get the voices right for each of the dragons in this book. My favorite line I read in the whole book is Longbourn telling lizzy that if anyone from the militia harms anyone in his keep he will eat them One... Tiny... Bite... At... A... Time.

But I don't want to spoil it for you.

Having done all of the initial corrections, I'm crossing my fingers that Pemberly will be available on Audible and Itunes the end of this month! (June 2019)

In the meantime, click here to hear my favorite line


Click on the link to buy it now!

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