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#readingmagic - Join me for 30 days of blogging about the Magic of Reading

Some of the magical books from my childhood... or my kids'


I learned to love reading as a kid and chances are you did too. If you didn't... Maybe this could be a gateway for your imagination. Author Brad Swift came up with the idea of exploring some of the books from our youth. Together we came up with most of the questions we'll explore & we'd love to invite you do to join us. We've got a list of questions numbering more than 40 at this point and you're welcome to add to or alter the questions for yourself.

The purpose? To share thought-evoking and fun questions that elicit fond memories in the mind of the readers about books, reading, and literature in general with a particular emphasis on fun books we read as kids, or reading with our kids.

We will both be posting and blogging about it starting today as our official launch. It would be fantastic if you would join in. If you are on Facebook go to like and comment on our posts there - and - as well as posting the question in your own social media. To keep it simple, we'll just start at #1 and work down from there.

Absolutely no penalty if you miss day here or there OR if you decide not to play. Here's the list of questions we're pulling from.

  1. What was your favorite book(s) growing up?

  2. What was your favorite animal book or story and why?

  3. Who are your favorite authors of children and young adult stories and why?

  4. What author would you love to meet either in person or live via Zoom?

  5. How many times have you thought about one day writing a book?

  6. When did you first discover that reading for pleasure could be fun?

  7. How have you been able to encourage your kids to read for pleasure more?

  8. If you could be any character you read about as a child, which character would you become for a day?

  9. What was your favorite genre of books you read as a child? Is it still your favorite?

  10. What is a favorite location you’ve read about in a book (real or imaginary) that you’d love to visit someday?

  11. What fantasy location or world that you’ve enjoyed in a book would you love to visit someday and why?

  12. Who are three of your favorite characters from children or YA books and what about them to you most enjoy?

  13. Who are some of your favorite villains from children or YA books and why?

  14. The Zak Bates Eco-adventure team are made up of Ra-Kit, the life living magic cat, Sampson, her giant flying dog companion, and young teenager Zak. They travel around the world helping animals deal with their problems, most of which have been caused by humans. So, the question is, if you were to join the Eco-team, what mission would you want to go on and what animals would you want to help?

  15. What do you think books will look like in five years? Ten years?

  16. What was the first book you remember crying in?

  17. What book do you remember being read to you?

  18. What was the first book turned into a movie that you read the book?

  19. What was the first movie turned into a book that you read the book?

  20. When was the first time you stayed up late to finish a book? What was the book?

  21. Did you ever have a special place you would go and read?

  22. Have you found any books as an adult that you read as a kid & forgot about?

  23. When you read, do you have images that come to your mind to go with the story? Voices? Sounds? Smells? Tastes?

  24. Do you remember a story you wrote as a kid?

  25. What’s the first book you remember reading on your own that stuck with you?

  26. Did you have a ‘reading buddy’ growing up, a friend, or a family member who also loved to read that you could talk about books with?

  27. Is there a book that you’ve Revisited as an adult that seemed completely different to you as a kid?

  28. What is your favorite book you were given as a child?

  29. What Funny books do you remember from your childhood?

  30. What kids books have you discovered as an adult you wish you had read as a kid?

  31. Are you related to any writers? Did you read any of their books as a kid?

  32. Did you ever meet a writer as a kid?

  33. Was there something else that ever got you excited about reading?

  34. What Nonfiction book captured your attention as a kid?

  35. As a kid, did you ever dream of going on adventures with your favorite book characters? What role would you have liked to play in those adventures?

  36. Did reading books as a kid ever inspire you to write your own stories? Were they original stories or fan fiction of the books you read?

  37. When you were a kid, what kind of book characters did you relate to or identify with? Are they different from the kinds of characters you relate to now?

  38. As a kid, did you enjoy reading aloud to other children? If so, what books did you like to read to them?

  39. Do you still own any books that you had as a kid? Not just the same book title, but the exact physical copy that you owned and kept throughout your life?

  40. As a kid, was there a particular time of year when you enjoyed reading the most?

  41. If you could choose any creature from a children’s or YA book to transform into, which one would you pick and why?

Looking forward to sharing stories of my Reading Magic with you & hearing some of yours! Tootles!


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