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#ReadingMagic - What was the first book turned into a movie that you read the book? - Day 25

When the cover was like this, why wouldn't a kid glom on to a low budget interperetation?

This may seem like the same question I addressed before - but nope. That was for movies that came before the book. This is the other - and the more traditional - movie to book pattern. And while there are dozens of movies that I've seen that would fit the bill since, there's one that comes to mind first. Truthfully, I'm not sure if I read the book first or saw the BBC movie first - is The Silver Chair from The Chronicles of Narnia. I've written about The Magician's Nephew, but I know I had read the book and seen the movie of this one first. The BBC production of the series when you watch it now is 'lacking' in the special effects department, but still captures the book very well. Like the later Pride & Prejudice production, this one followed the book as closely as it could.

For me, was my first exposure to Doctor Who indirectly. Tom Baker was Puddleglum for me before I even knew Doctor Who was a thing. When I've read the book, the scenes were set so well from the film adaptation my brain already had the setting secure.

Other books to movies that I've loved (and loved both versions):

To Kill a Mockingbird

Pride & Prejudice - multiple versions. :)

Seven Years in Tibet

Most of the Harry Potter series

Lord of the Rings (but the Hobbit movie just doesn't measure up with the books. Sorry PJ.)

Your favorites?

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