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Start a Blog in 30 Days -meh. Self Directed is better than this book if you ask me.

I've been planning on giving myself a 30 day blog challenge, and it seemed like this would be a good book going into it. It was in fact... weak. I suppose the subtitle of the book "How to Successfully Blog in ANY Niche and Profit with Affiliate Marketing, Email, or Dropshipping" could have tipped me off. I received a promo copy of this book from story origin & I'm leaving this unbiased review. As an audiobook narrator, this book fits the MO of hundreds of titles that are always available for audition for usually an absurdly low PFH (paid finished hour) that amounts to a copy and paste of someone else's work. They all clock in at just over 3 hours in order to qualify for some free giveaway sites. This practice is why Audible chose to recently change their promo code policies & practice.

To be completely fair, this book does have a little bet of useful information in it, but if you're considering listening to this book for ideas on how to get traffic for your blog, unless your blog consists of selling other peoples stuff, Its probably not for you. There were about 2 ideas in it that I found interesting enough to look into a little, the rest of it was at least referenced from some other book published in 2019. If like me, you write a blog because you want to express yourself, check out something else, like Bradley Charbonneau's Every Single Day. Much better book. I'll be reviewing it shortly.

This type of book is written, possibly by the author, but more likely copied & pasted from other people's material &to society then directed to other people who don't really want to provide anything meaningful but still want a paycheck. This book is symptomatic of a society that wants something for nothing. I narrate audiobooks because I love to do it. Bob Palmer does a decent job on the narration, but it cheapens the platform & doesn't do much for Mr. Palmer's reputation either.

But hey - It was at least worth a blog post explaining why this junk exists & covers one of my 1st 30 days of posting. :)

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