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The Fringe Candidate & Dark... Coming in Audio later this year

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The delightful thing about doing audiobook narration is the enormous array of material I can get involved in. My personal taste in books ranges from Nonfiction, to classics, to sci-fi & Fantasy. Two that are coming up in the pipeline I wanted to give you a little information about. In early January, Brad Swift reached out to me about his book, The Fringe Candidate. Brad Swift writes what he terms "visionary fiction." This book is a direct reaction to the political turmoil that, though simmering for decades, came to full boil & has remained at fever pitch since Trump was elected in 2016.

The Fringe Candidate follows the unlikely candidacy of Angeline Tarkington versus Oscar Wellian (the obvious stand in for Donald Trump in this universe). Aside from my narration of Shorty Bean with my daughter, this will be the first time I'll be narrating a book with another narrator. Meg Price voices the female characters in the book & I'll be narrating the rest. It's told in first person from the perspective of a cynical talk show host. Brad is launching the book this Saturday. I'll be recording it in another month or so in full & it will hopefully be available by the end of April. Meg & I have already recorded a sample for the launch of the book on Saturday. You can hear it here:

The other project I just signed on for is Dark by Paul Arvidson. Have you ever found something so unique that you just have to be part of it? I found an interview with Paul about his series, the Dark trilogy. I love stories that make you have to consider what life would be like without X. In this case, no one on the "planet" dark has any sense of sight. You can get the book for free on your Kindle through audible right now. The writing is intriguing & it will be a new challenge. I reached out to Paul to see if he had an audiobook in the works for it. Not yet was the answer. Thant's now changed! Feel free to check it out now & then listen to my performance in a couple of months. I'll post a sample in a few weeks.

Happy listening & Reading.

Are you my mummy?

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