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Up Next - Louis Lamour Meets Space Aliens

Earthbound: Chronicles of the Maca Book 1 by Mari Collier

I've been wanting to do some good Sci-fi & this project & my next (C.D. Tavenor's First of Their Kind) both fit the bill nicely. As I've been reading in preparation for producing Earthbound, I've been struck mainly by one thing in Mari Collier's writing - This is Louis Lamour with aliens. This book is the first in a series that spans a LONG time.

Some warning - This is definitely a PG-13 kind of book. Not raunchy, but not the kind of book I'd read aloud to my kids either.

Llewelyn, Don of Maca has been marooned on earth after the Justine conquered his world of Thalia.

Anna married a man with golden eyes and red hair, bore him children with astounding abilities - and then was betrayed and abandoned by him to a savage Commanche tribe.

Collier brings the two together in a "made for each other" match in Civil War era Texas.

Mari Collier worked for years with Nintendo & retired to write some good Sci-fi. I'm excited to bring her work to life.

As I'm starting this project - I'm a little overwhelmed - Mac has a Scottish accent, Anna a German accent, and its in Texas. Coming off of British accents with Pemberly & Hawai'ian with Moloka'i, it should be interesting. Wish me luck!

Here goes nothing.

I hope you all like the finished product!

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