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Zak Bates Eco-Adventure Summer Readup event.

The Readup is ideally suited for kids roughly between the ages of eight to fifteen and a “book buddy” mom, dad, or guardian (and yes, an older sibling can be your buddy). We’ll meet in the Zoom Room for a fun hour as we read part of Dominion Over All, Book I of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series. With its white-knuckle action and a wholly green, eco-friendly message, this is the perfect way to kick off this new adventure together. Share in the fun, excitement, and magic that only READING can provide!

Here are the details:

Day & Time: Wednesday, from 6-7 PM EDT (3-4 PM PAC)

Date: July 1

Do I Need the Book?: No, you don’t. That’s why we invited the author. He’ll bring a copy that can be read online. If you’d like a copy, you can order the book in ebook format (PDF, epub, mobi) direct from the author here:

You can also order it from Amazon as a Kindle or quality paperback by Clicking Here.

Who is W. Bradford Swift Anyway? He’s the author of 26 books of science fiction, fantasy, and visionary fiction including the three books of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series. You can learn more on the bio page here.

Where We Will Meet: In the Zoom Room (virtually and online). Upon registering, you will be provided with information on how to join.

Additional Extras that May Be Offered in Future Readups:

  • Character Days: In these sessions, several of the participants will take on the role of their favorite characters, reading those parts.

  • Art Days: This activity will give children the chance to draw or paint some of the standout scenes or characters, and share them with the class.

  • Invite a Friend Day: In this ReadUp, kids can invite one or more of their friends to join the fun.

  • Guest Readers: More surprises await. Guest readers may include adventurous parents, YouTube personalities, and professional audiobook voice actors who have collaborated on my previous works.

  • Show Your Pet Day: If you have a ‘fur baby’ as part of your family you’d like to share with everyone in the Readup, this is the day to do it. We’ll announce it a week ahead of time.

Ready to Start a New Adventure in Reading?

If this sounds like a fun, engaging way to spend quality time with your kids this summer, then complete the brief application below, and you’ll hear from me in no time! Combining technology’s modern marvels with storytelling—the oldest artform—together we will soon ensure your child has a passion for reading! This will also be a fun time for ‘kids young at heart’ and animal lovers of all ages.

If you can’t make this one (or you find registration is closed), and you’d like to know of future Readups, Click Here.

If you are associated with a book club or library and would be interested in arranging for an Author’s Virtual Visit, Click Here(Your event could be for young readers or adults.)

I (Benny Fife) will be joining Brad for this event. To register CLICK HERE.

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