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ReadingMagic -What kids books have you discovered as an adult you wish you had read as a kid? Day 14

Being an animal lover from a very young age, I would have adored all of James Herriot's books. But... I didn't really grow up in an animal loving family. We had books like the Poky Little Puppy & anthropomorphized critters like Arthur who made salty cookies by mistake. But I don't really remember books with people who adored or cared for animals. I always said growing up that my biggest act of rebellion when I left home would be getting a cat.

But the best thing that could happen to me as a young animal lover was to fall in love with another animal lover... from a family of animal lovers. I think in our first couple of years of marriage we initially read All Creatures Great and Small & I know I've since read it to my kids. My wife grew up reading all his books & watching the BBC production of it with her family.

If you've never read any of Herriot's works, do it. Especially if you love animals. Or if you know someone who loves animals. Herriot's work of being a country veterinarian is brings humanity to his treatment of animals and people alike. Pretty sure I'm going to have to read one of the others in the series some time to the fam in the next year.

I think we might have even had it on a shelf in my home growing up. But I never read it until I was an adult.

Is there a book you wish you had read as a kid?

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Jan 30, 2021

All the kids books I've found as an adult that I love weren't written when I was a kid. So I guess none. But my younger self would have loved the Princess Academy series by Shannon Hale if they'd been written back then. I love those books!

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