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Recent Releases & What's in the Pipeline

As much as I want to get back to blogging regularly, Spring and summer insist on grabbing my attention. Lawn needs mowed. Garden needs attention. And after winter in Idaho, I just CAN'T say no to being outside as much as possible. As a matter of fact, I'm now doing most of my editing for upcoming audiobooks sitting outside under my favorite tree. Here's a quick rundown of what's come out recently:

My 3 most recent releases are all part of various series - Their Greatest Game picks up where First of Their Kind left off, Gather the Children is the sequel to Earthbound, and A Proper Introduction to Dragons, though billed as book 4 of Jane Austen's Dragons, is more accurately book 0.5 (kind of in the tradition of Magician's Nephew). Each of these books have a drastically different tone to them & I had fun with the differences. If you haven't listened to the others in the series, best start with them, excepting for the Dragons - if you haven't listened to the previous 3, this is a good one to start with.

And, though it was released a little before these three, recent events make me want to share it with anyone:

Our society is coming unhinged because of race relations, or lack thereof. My cousin's book, Walls of Glass follows 12 year old James who's moved into a racially charged town in 1980, ignorant of its history & much of the civil rights movement in general. This book is written in some ways like a little bit older version of To Kill a Mockingbird. Each of us has prejudices we have not even begun to consider. Before pointing a finger or making assumptions about others, James learns that he has to confront the darkness within himself.


Up & Coming:

And speaking of some diverse styles...

Here's a sample of some of what's coming - The Plenty Book, Mentoring Warriors, & The Fringe Candidate are all finished & waiting in line for publication. Flight of the 500 & Call to Purpose (a life changing, fascinating book that has kept my wife & I talking & thinking in new ways) I'm hoping to be done with by the end of this week. Then I'll start working on Dark, King's Warrior and Maria Grace's Dragon take on Jane Austen's Persuasion - The Dragons of Kellynch. And then... 3 more books for Brad Swift - the Eco adventures of Zak Bates. More on that later.

So genre wise -

We've got upcoming 2 non-fiction, 2 Visionary Fiction, 2 Sci-fi (one kind of Sci-fi/fantasy) 2 Fantasy (one a classic turned fantasy) and then a middle grade adventure/visionary fiction series. Fun times.

What's keeping you busy this June?

I'd love to hear from you & if you have any thoughts on any of my books.

Happy Listening!

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